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October Mosaic Newsletter now available HERE.

Apple Pie Sales!

Homemade apple crumb pies will be made and sold on October 16 and November 13.We will start making pies at 12:30 p.m. and they may be picked up from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. The price for a 9” pie is $7.00. Plan to purchase several pies! One pie to bake now and a few to stash away in the freezer for later enjoyment or as a quick gift to give during the holidays. We ask that you place your order in advance by signing up on the bulletin board or by calling Carol Mumma at 237-4150. Monies go to the Bazaar.

Christmas Bazaar Preparations!

Once again, it is time to prepare for the Christmas Bazaar, which will be held on Friday, December 1st and Saturday, December 2nd, and we could really use your help.  We are in need of any and all items that would add variety to our bazaar. A few suggestions are:  Tree ornaments, craft items, stitchery, wood projects, jewelry, jewelry boxes, glassware, small knick-knacks, books, and items for Mrs. Claus's Closet, (our rummage room).  No clothing, please.  Any contribution is welcome, no matter how small. If you have items for the bazaar, please bring them to the church, and leave them in the cluster - outside the bazaar room. All questions should be directed to any member of the bazaar committee - Marie Hargrove, Kathy Seymour, Debbie Harris, Carol Mumma, or Jean Grimm. Thank you

Beaver Stadium Food Stand Workers Needed!
PFVUMC will be staffing Beaver Stadium food stand #13 for the 2017 football season (as we have for many, many, many years) and your support is needed. The food stand is a vital source of funding for our church budget (proceeds from the 2016 season were $17,912). Thanks to all the 2016 food stand volunteers, the 2017 Blue White game, and the summer concert! Football season is right around the corner the first game is Sept 2nd! Our agreement with Penn State is to provide a minimum of 15 workers per event. Last year we sometimes had trouble meeting this minimum, meaning those that did volunteer had much to do. Penn State allows up to 30 workers per stand per event. Having more workers would lessen the burden on everyone and provide a much better atmosphere of church fellowship during the event. We have a great core group of veteran volunteers, but we need additional help to prevent burning this group out. Some goals for the 2017 season include: 1) Getting multiple people trained on jobs, so we are not “one deep” and can trade off assignments during events to even the workload; 2) Flexible work shifts to allow people to volunteer for only half of an event; and 3) Generally getting more people involved in working at the stand. Even if you can only support one event for the 2017 season it would be a great help to the church. Bring a friend(s)! Sign-up sheets for all of the seven fall football games are posted on the bulletin board. Contact Pam or Todd Arbogast if you have any questions about working at the food stand (telephone 814.238.2230 or email ARBOMT@GMAIL.COM). Below are the seven footballs game dates and times (if available) September 9, Pittsburgh 3:30 pm ~ September 16, Georgia State 7:30 pm ~ September 30, Indiana TBA ~ October 21, Michigan TBA ~ November 11, Rutgers 12:00 pm ~ November 18, Nebraska TBA

Worship Helpers!
The church is in need of volunteers to help with Sunday worship services! If you are interested in joining the worship services as Acolyte, Children’s Time, Sound System Operator or Liturgist, please visit the church bulletin board to sign up or visit then enter into the search bar and click on the link PFVUMC/Liturgist/Children’sTime/Acolyte Sign Up or call the office and leave a message with your name/sign up/ and date you would like to sign up.

Cookies for Coffee Hostesses
Many of us enjoy the coffee & cookies prepared by the coffee hostess each Sunday. It would be very helpful to her if she could go to the freezer and just get cookies out each Sunday. We are asking the congregation, in the next three weeks, to please help out and make cookies that can be frozen. Please bring them to the kitchen in a plastic bag or a container you don’t want back, so they are ready to go in the freezer. Thank you so much for all your help. Questions? Call Marie at 237-8063.

Purchase a Weis or Giant gift card and the church earns 5% for the Church Improvement Fund. The card holder receives the value of the card for purchases at Weis and Giant, including prescriptions, gas (Giant) and the post office (Weis). See George Hargrove during Fellowship Time

Altar Flowers
The church has a brass vase for those who wish to have flowers placed on the altar in memory or recognition of someone, or to celebrate a special occurrence like a birthday, anniversary or achievement. Contact Doris Amato at 237-3047 to make arrangements at least two weeks before the event.

electronic giving
We offer Electronic Giving as a way to automate your offerings. It is convenient for you and provides much-needed consistency for the church. Collection basket offerings can fluctuate significantly from week to week but when contributions are automated, the church receives funds on a steady, uninterrupted basis. Authorization forms are available at the church office, on the narthex table or at the bottom of the Worship page.

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