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We are ready to welcome you!

We invite visitors to attend our Sunday morning worship service at 9:15 a.m. When you walk in the door, you will see people of all ages and walks of life, some dressed formally and others casually in jeans and sneakers. Come as you are!

Our greeters and ushers wear name tags, so they are easy to find and they will be happy to help you if you need any assistance or have a question.

We celebrate communion about once every other month. In the spirit of Jesus Christ, and as a congregation in the United Methodist Church, we welcome all (baptized or unbaptized) to partake of this holy sacrament.

We invite you to experience life at Park Forest Village UMC! Whether you are looking for a community, are lonely, searching for the meaning of life, or want to know more about Jesus, our doors are open for you.

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~ Our Mission ~
Providing a place for worship, fellowship, and mission outreach.

Join us for worship every Sunday at 9:15 a.m.,
and at 10:35 a.m. for Sunday School. (Sept.–May)

Directions: We are located at 1833 Park Forest Ave, behind Denny's on North Atherton. From North Atherton, turn on Park Forest Ave and turn Right on Cornflower Lane to get to the parking lot. You can click on the map below to be taken to mapquest, where you can type in your address and get directions.


There is a bus stop on the N bus route right in front of the church (stop 496 & 497). See the Catabus schedule for the N bus route here.

For current events and a copy of our monthly newsletter the MOSAIC, go to "news", or for complete information please contact the Church Office at (814) 238-2657.

Upcoming Worship Themes

December 21, Mary, Full of Grace.
Luke 1:26-33 (Annunciation). This week we travel further back in Marys life to age 13 or 14 and to her hometown, the tiny village of Nazareth. It was to this girl that an angel appeared.
December 24, It Was Not a Silent Night.
7:30 p.m. Candlelight service, (The birth of Jesus) Luke 2:1-7 . It was not a silent night. We will see that for Mary, the first Christmas was filled with fear, pain, and disappointment. But this more closely reflects reality, does it not? Like most mothers, when she held Jesus close to her heart, she experienced a peace, a joy, a love she had never known before. We, too, may discover a transformation when we hold Christ close to our hearts.
December 28, Jesus of the Gaps.
Luke 2:22-40 (Infant Jesus is presented in the Temple). There are a number of gaps in Jesus life  and a number of recent authors have used their imagination to fill in those intervals. A question arises for us as we jump the gap into a new year: Will Jesus be with us in our ongoing stories?
January 4, Our Best Intentio&.
Matthew 2:1-12. In the year 1480, Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint an 8-by-9-foot work for the main altar of a monastery. He started his "Adoration of the Magi" and was well along with it, but then skipped town, and never finished it. And therein lies a lesson for us today. The Christian life is not only a matter of initial repentance and commitment, but also a matter of perseverance. The Magi in our scripture lesson serve as positive examples. We begin the New Year with Holy Communion around the altar.